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It is amazing when your self pride and self worth shine bright like a star filled sky. When your soul is as gentle as a whisper, and your heart as pure as the snow. That’s personality and that’s what is beautiful.



Are you lost or incomplete? Is the world walking around your feet? Are you stuck where the world will one day end? Is you live a burden? Forever subjected to the harsh reality, life goes on but it goes without me. Never to know, never to see, life without light, blind for eternity. Shrouded in black and feeling so grey. Stuck at the end of this chapter and can’t turn the page. I’m feeling so small, and the world is so massive, my feelings so gloomy, my actions so passive. I linger and sit, I idle and wait. I hope to move forward and become something great. All along while I stay here, all this time will soon pass. Though my body will leave, my unhappy soul, these thoughts that run cold, my tortured desires and all that I know. Will last.

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